Copyright & Sampling from the Internet

Tonight I’m still working on my audio piece. I have to have something to share with the class tomorrow morning. I’m not really that pleased with it how it is sounding at the moment. I had hoped to have more done by now. I have decided against taking samples from you tube videos as I found during my internet research a more reliable resource to use from the creative commons site. I have provided the links to both sites below.


With all the sounds that  I have sampled I have ensured that they have been licensed under the creative commons 0 license. This means that all creators of the works have waived their rights under copyright law, allowing their work to be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. What I have found very helpful about the freesound site is that it allows the user to filter sounds under which license they are under. You can also search for a particular sound that you are looking for as well. This was especially helpful during the creative process when I started to think about sounds I could use for my mechanical birds.


Links to sounds I have sampled are provided below











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