Week 4: Many sounds to go before I sleep

I have been writing down words to describe my track that I am still in the process of refining. I still don’t have a title yet. I keep on changing my mind on what samples I want to keep in and what I want to cut out. Today in class I played what I had done so far. It still feels like I’m missing something. Listening to other peoples work was also really interesting to see what they had decided to do. 

 I have been listening to a lot of samples from free sound.org and trying to find sounds that will fit in with what I have so far. I have been experimenting with adding sounds such as thunder, rain, wind chimes and drone sounds. I have also been searching for descriptions of melodies such as sad, melancholic and scary. I searched for samples under other keywords such as footsteps, heartbeat, birds, hammering and drilling. I have been experimenting with what these samples sound like when played at the same time. Some of the them I have imported to audacity and mashed together using cut and paste. Some of the sounds I amplified slightly, then had to adjust them because it drowned other sounds that I wanted to the listener to focus their attention on. I have used crossfade tracks in audacity to try get a smoother transition from one sample to the next so it feels less like a sound recording and transports the listener into the space. In other samples I have used the fade in and fade out effect in audacity in order to create contrast between sounds that are quiet and sounds that are louder. Through using the sample of a heartbeat I have tried to create suspense, particularly by using the fade in method to create suspense. 

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