Reflection on Round 2 Workshop


During the past several weeks I have been learning to create vector illustrations from the rubbish that we collected on day one in class. I have enjoyed experimenting with applying pantone colours and duotones to my vector illustrations. I feel that I have learned a lot in the past four weeks about colour and composition. In applying colour to my compositions I was influenced by the artists that I researched and also by the colours that surround us on a daily basis through advertising and other media. I also experimented with and researched the ways in which optical illusions are created.

During the studio sessions I found that some pantone colours that looked great on the computer screen did not translate as well once printed out. The colours that I ended up selecting were a result of  experimenting with how various shades worked together on the page to create depth and contrast. The final works that I am submitting in my portfolio for this workshop round are a result of trial and error in the printing process. In looking at my portfolio as a whole I can see the progress I have made and how my creative ideas have been shaped and moulded by what I have learned this semester.


Round 2 collection of work for submission

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