Excursion to Wollongong Art Gallery + Interaction of Colour Exercises 

Today our class is going on an excursion to Wollongong Art Gallery. It’s a nice day to be out of the studio. On my way to catch the free bus into Wollongong CBD I have been collecting samples of leaves for the mixing and matching exercise we have to do as part of our studio work. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. In choosing my five samples I have tried to be selective and collect from a range of complex colours from the colour charts I completed in week two.

Image of tree outside of Wollongong Art Gallery

Beautiful artwork on outside of Wollongong Art Gallery

While at the Art Gallery we saw an exhibition called ‘The source’ by painter John Bokor. Shown below are some of the photos I took of Bokor’s paintings. It was really interesting to see the use of layering in the paintings and the way Bokor left some of the charcoal sketch showing in the completed work. 

When we returned to the studio on Wednesday we began a new task, making paper collages from coloured paper based on some verbal instructions from our teacher Greg Hodge. We also got to have a go at using the interaction of colour app.  The image below is of the paper collages I made in class.

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