Week 3: Black, Grey & White

This weeks studio sessions focused on exercises in black and white, and mixing paint to create a gradient from white to black. I had about four attempts at trying to get my greys in the correct percentage order. While I don’t think I got it quite right I learnt a lot about mixing black and white together. One thing I learnt is that you don’t need a lot of black paint as it is more dominant than white.

I enjoyed making the collages more so than the painting and drawing. I set out choosing this class to get me out of my comfort zone. For a long time I have told myself that I can’t draw. Drawing is perhaps the thing that I have feared the most about studying this degree. I find it really hard not to be distracted by other people in the studio. There is so many talented people in this class. I have also found this round more intense than the last two in creating a much larger portfolio than the previous two classes. Even with working through the break time I find that I still have tasks that I need to work on at home.

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